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Mastering the Clock: Acing the 60 day Lead Time


In today's fast-paced fashion retail market, a Time and Action (T&A) plan is a critical project management tool that helps streamline the entire production process, from receiving an order to delivering the final product. At Pooja International, we recognize the importance of T&A plans in the garment industry and have implemented a robust Time & Action Monitoring system to deliver on short lead times.

Why T&A Plans are Essential in the Garment Industry: Handling multiple projects simultaneously can be challenging for merchandisers, but a well-structured T&A plan can help reduce confusion and ensure that each order is completed on time. T&A plans enable the identification of potential bottlenecks, track progress, and ensure timely completion of each step in the production cycle. This, in turn, helps merchandisers save time, eliminate unnecessary activities, and monitor the current status of the product.

Key Processes in T&A Plans:

  • Sampling: Sampling is the first and most critical task in a T&A plan, involving the preparation and approval of various types of samples, such as proto samples, fit samples, and salesman samples.

  • Fabric and Trim Sourcing: This process includes desk loom and lab-dip approvals, trim and artwork approval, and Fabric Performance Test (FPT) approval. The lead time for fabric sourcing generally ranges between 30-60 days, depending on the type of fabric.

  • Production: The most critical part of any T&A plan, production involves the Planned Cut Date (PCD), production start and end dates, and finishing and packing processes.

Our Robust Time & Action Monitoring System at Pooja International: At Pooja International, we have established a comprehensive Time & Action Monitoring system to ensure that orders are completed within short lead times. Our T&A system helps us track progress, identify potential bottlenecks, and ensure timely completion of each step in the production process. By implementing a robust T&A plan, we can deliver goods within 45 to 60 day lead times, enabling us to meet the demands of the fast-paced fashion retail market and maintain a competitive edge.

We understand the importance of aligning our T&A plan with the expectations of our clients and adopt a collaborative approach when mapping out the entire production process. We work closely with our clients to ensure that our T&A plan aligns with the buyers' expectations, timelines, and requirements. This collaborative approach not only helps improve visibility and transparency for our clients but also fosters a strong working relationship built on trust and effective communication. By keeping our clients informed and involved throughout the production process, we ensure a seamless and successful outcome, with both parties working in unison towards a shared goal of delivering high-quality products within short lead times.

Conclusion: In the dynamic world of fashion retail, Time & Action Monitoring systems play a crucial role in ensuring the successful and timely completion of orders. Brands looking to crack the 60-day lead time need to develop a robust T&A plan with their vendor. By creating and implementing comprehensive T&A plans, vendors can streamline production processes, optimize turnaround times, and deliver high-quality products within short lead times. A commitment to efficiency, transparency, and collaboration is essential for any partnership in the fast-paced fashion retail market, as it allows both parties to work together seamlessly and achieve success.

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