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To achieve our long terms goals, it is necessary to have a clear vision for the future and focus on sustainability.


We have implemented projects across various segments, such as environmental & energy saving, learning & development, health & safety to ensure that we protect our environmental resources and ensure our human resources are able to perform at their best and grow with the organisation.

Environmental & Energy Saving Measures
Environmental & Energy Saving Measures
Water Conservation Measures:
  1. Rain Water Harvesting System

  2. Adoption of a lake for maintenance and harvesting

  3. Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant which treats 100% of the water before releasing back into the sewers

  4. Reusing up to 25% of treated water for toilets and civil use


Energy Saving Measures:
  1. Completely switched to PNG from Diesel for boilers to reduce carbon emissions

  2. 100% LED lighting brought electricity consumption down by 60%

  3. All machines are fitted with Servo motors, no power is consumed during the idle time

  4. Double Brick Walls to reduce heat

  5. All air conditioners are 5 Star rated

Learning & Development

We are regularly running training programs that help develop technical and soft skills for helpers, checkers, tailors, and supervisors.


All programs are run through government certified training institutions under PMKVY Scheme. We have trained over 500 people in the last 6 months.

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